Friday, April 25, 2008

I Interrupt Your Normal Brodcast of Interwebs for This Announcement:

If you hate gay people, you are a BAD PERSON.
If you don't support gay marriage, you are a BAD PERSON.
If you aren't pro-choice on abortion, you are a BAD PERSON.

And if you think I am wrong about this, you are a BLIND, BAD ENABLER.

Kids, please, no LOL in your essays.

In a recent article, it is pointed out that kids are using chat speak more in schoolwork and essays. The scary part? Teachers aren't mortified or offended.

WTF is the world coming to when a kid can't tell the difference between a blog about his boring life and an essay? I mean, I say LOL and WTF in real life conversations, but I would never
use them in any classwork.

Good job kids, you are full of fail.


A call to all internet citizens: When you get money, draw a lion on it.


"From now on I'm going to add a lion to my bills... I wonder how long it will take for another b-tard to see one...
Conversely I wonder how long it would take for America to break if every b-tard puts lions on bills..."

Thursday, April 24, 2008

He's got to be a psycho

His anger is scaring me. Someone just hack his account and shut this guy up.

I'M PAUL FETCH!!!! is now a meme.

But also this guy fails and is a Narutard:

So basically I hate everyone in this situation.


Age of Conan is a new MMO coming out soon. I've been looking through its site and its wiki, and so I'm going to say a few words on it.

First off, being an artist, I have to talk about the concept art. It is SO beautiful. The landscapes are especially breathtaking. If the game is this beautiful, I may consider getting an account. And looking at the screenshots, it really IS that beautiful. If you're like me and decide on what you play mostly on visuals, this game is for you.

The trailers just prove again how BEAUTIFUL this game is. Okay, I can not stress enough that it's amazing.

The fact that the battle system is in real time, and yet has lots of details is perplexing to me. A lot of the time I've spent playing any MMO, I've used the fighting abilities easiest and quickest to do. I hope they didn't put detail into their battle system just for it to be ignored.

Anyway, click the title of this post to go to their official site. They just handed out 50,000 betas to people yesterday, but I'm under the impression they'll be giving more. I can't say anything on the gameplay as I have not played it, but it does seem worth checking out.

Stumbled upon

Here's the things I stumbled upon that you guys just might like:

Beautiful art Hasn't been updated in 2 years, though.
Motivational posters. I only linked this because of the URL.
The Reason I Stayed In the House All Day
Email people in the future!

That's it. Stumbleupon was lame today, we'll try again tomorrow!

I Know the Internet has a Myspace!

Click this post's title to go there, and add me! And tell all of your friends to add me!


NEW YORK - "I can haz dream Job? My rezumez! let me showz u thm"

That's the subject line of a cover letter sent by a job applicant to I Can Has Cheezburger, one of the premier sites for so-called Lolcat pictures.

Don't think the letter will be rejected out of hand — bad spelling is no obstacle to a job in Lolcat world. It may even be an asset.

Read the rest

I'm not really sure how I feel about all of this. Cat macros are cute, so I get why they're famous, but what kind of fail news company is actually going to cover them?

ITT: the downfall of mainstream news

New Items on Gaia

I think some of the items are cute, though I'd like some more items that aren't purple-black. They'll probably make nice additions to some avatars, and are pretty detailed. They're not too highly priced, either, and if I weren't 8k short of my goal for this month I'd probably buy some of them.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with them and once I have a bit more gold I'll probably buy the black items.

Speaking of getting more gold, everyone should buy some of my art! And friend me and comment on my profile, of course.


I think I just died.

More on Mr. Fetch

This guy is a total jackass. Any real anon would know better than to SAY HIS NAME first of all... but then, they'd also know that no one "rules" us. Moot doesn't rule us. Hell, our governments can't even rule us.

I call to you, Paul Fetch, to tell me what you have done to rule us? Who do you control? How have you made ME bend to YOUR will? What memes have you created? What websites have you raided? What epic posts and gets do you have on /b/?

Or are you the leader of EBAUMS' Anon? I can see the Ebaums idiots bending to your every whim, but the *chans?

Keep trying, baby doll.

Go on, tell me what YOU have done that has made you MY leader.



Paul Fetch.
The leader of faggotry.


(In B4 old)

Chacha is getting famous

The Wall Street Journal is now running an article on Chacha. I work at Chacha, and I'm bringing in fairly good money now because we're getting so much publicity. I certainly hope more people continue to notice and use our service, because we are continually trying to be better and faster and answering questions.

If You Have ChaCha And a Cellphone,You Have Answers

Check it out!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Nintendo is using memes

Let me show you my pokemans!

Before the images in the email load:

After the images loaded:

I lol'd.