Thursday, April 24, 2008


Age of Conan is a new MMO coming out soon. I've been looking through its site and its wiki, and so I'm going to say a few words on it.

First off, being an artist, I have to talk about the concept art. It is SO beautiful. The landscapes are especially breathtaking. If the game is this beautiful, I may consider getting an account. And looking at the screenshots, it really IS that beautiful. If you're like me and decide on what you play mostly on visuals, this game is for you.

The trailers just prove again how BEAUTIFUL this game is. Okay, I can not stress enough that it's amazing.

The fact that the battle system is in real time, and yet has lots of details is perplexing to me. A lot of the time I've spent playing any MMO, I've used the fighting abilities easiest and quickest to do. I hope they didn't put detail into their battle system just for it to be ignored.

Anyway, click the title of this post to go to their official site. They just handed out 50,000 betas to people yesterday, but I'm under the impression they'll be giving more. I can't say anything on the gameplay as I have not played it, but it does seem worth checking out.

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