Wednesday, April 23, 2008

420chan raiding Gaia

There's a war going on online, and it's between 420chan and Gaiaonline. It all started because Gaia stole some memes, such as longcat and tacgnol, as items you have to pay for with real money on Gaia. Some members of Anon flipped the hell out, and have gone so far as hacking admin accounts, and finding information on some kids on Gaia and sending parents and school officials things like child pornography.

I personally love 4chan (but dislike most other *chans aside from 2chan), but I also love Gaia (call me all the names you want). I think 420chan is being absolutely stupid, because you can't copyright an internet meme, especially so long after everyone started using it. I'm going to make some tacgnol or EFG shirts just to piss you all off.

Or at least I would if you hadn't hacked my Gaia account already. Yes, I was logged in, got a trade request, and when I went to accept my trade... MY PASSWORD DIDN'T WORK. I lol'd, and then changed my password.

You fuckers. :)

All in all, I don't know when or if this war will ever die down. I'm missing a lot of this story so if anyone from either side would like to fill me in I'd really appreciate it.


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